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History of Hippies in San Francisco

Hippy Hill – Haight Ashbury Street Art   Talking about cultural movements that had a gigantic influence and no mention of hippy cultural movement is closest to a crime. A walk in the Haight street definitely brings up the nostalgic feeling of the 1960s. Music guitars being played live at the corner of streets, dyed t-shirts, colorful peace signs suited the time the most.  During the 1800s, the area started as less-privileged area which consisted of

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Jasper O’Farrell

Jasper O’Farrell  About Jasper O’Farrell:   Irish American politician, Jasper O’ Farrell was the first one to carry surveys for San Francisco, California, U.S.  There is a street named after him known as O’ Farrell street in San Francisco city. He was born in 1817 in country wexford, Ireland and died on 16th November, 1875 in San Francisco.  Early life:   He went to Dublin for education and became a civil engineer.  He moved to London, England and lodged a ship

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Irish History in San Francisco

The Irish people has had a strong presence in the near past of the city of San Francisco. Most of the Irish people moved to the US during the mid-1800’s due to the economic crisis in Ireland. During the mid-1800s until late 1800s, North America welcomed a total of more than two-and-a-half million Irish immigrants. Some of the individuals who had arrived earlier preferred to live in Mexican West with the will to own lands. Mexican government imposed no restrictions on these immigrants

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Forgotten History: Sutro Baths

Not the Golden Gate Bridge, but the Sutro Baths are a favorite place for sunset viewing in San Francisco. These remarkable ocean-fed baths were formerly popular swimming spots in San Francisco. They have been preserved today so that you can examine them, although I’m not sure you’d want to swim in them. Here is the complete so that you Sutro Bath history may verify it for yourself.  How to Locate the Sutro Baths  The bath remains are located in

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Wow! San Francisco to pay offenders not to shoot People

Wow! San Francisco to pay offenders not to shoot People Just when you think its done, you have heard all San Francisco government can do, something crazy once again comes forward leading to the destruction of San Francisco. The authorities out there seem to love crime. London breed and her Goonies love the homelessness, adore the negativity and like how dirty it is here in San Francisco.  They seem to have been favoring the gang

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Valencia Street Art

Valencia Street Art In San Francisco!  San Francisco is a very old and beautiful city full of rich history. Although there are many districts in San Francisco, all provide visitors with unique vibes that will make them feel like they’re from another era when walking down its streets.  Along the way, no matter where you go in this city, every district has different buildings which contribute to their own special atmosphere – something tourists can’t get enough of! 

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Steps to Improve your Financial Health

Steps to Improve your Financial Health  Well, here it is almost March 1st and we are still taking steps to improve our financial health! You’re on the way! Keep up the good work. There are several key items to be mindful of along the way and that’s what we’ll discuss here.  Spend Less than you Earn  While it sounds simple enough, this is a stumbling block for most. Keeping up with the Jones is just not

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Make money while you shop! 

Make money while you shop!  Saving money is difficult at best in today’s current economic climate and living frugally isn’t always fun!  Take my advice, download the app, Fetch Rewards and start making money when you shop for food! Food is expensive right, so why shouldn’t you make money shopping for something you need anyway?  Fetch Rewards  Some apps require you to set up a list of items you are going to buy first and

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How to be more Self-Reliant in the New Year!

How to be more Self-Reliant in the New Year! My Top Ten Tips to Take You into 2019!  Celebrating the new year and starting over, is well all about renewal and for me that involves doubling down on being self-reliant, making less of an impact on the Earth and using more of what I already have around me. It can be little things. Little things coupled together make more of a statement sometimes and they get

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